Elementor Cards for Summary Blog Post Pages

I keep using my favorite Premium Themes for most custom website design. The two main reasons I use them are for their header, footer and summary (archive) blog post page options. I find using them are easier for non-technical users than the plugin options for extending Elementor or the cost of Elementor Pro when they take over on their sites.

However, for my own website use, today I changed my summary blog post page to Elementor Cards. It is definitely as easy as using the Customizer blog options in my Premium Themes and may make further customizing the way the summary (archive) page looks easier. In other words, another wow for Elementor.

In general, Elementor is dramatically changing my thinking about building websites. I’ve, more or less, deliberately shrunk my Boston business since January. First, I was anticipating a 6 week hiatus while we traveled on a big road trip and second, because I need for my Craigslist ads in MN to stick and not be flagged or ghosted because I’ve had ads in Boston for so long. So I’m looking forward to ramping up the business again in Minnesota because it’s been a dynamic year since Elementor was introduced and I’m excited to start using it more aggressively to help clients with their websites.

Yes, I’m very impressed with the success that these guys are having. It’s less than a years since they introduced Elementor and, today, they have had over 750,000 downloads! ?  On my side, I think the good news is that the complexity in terms of knowing all of the features for using Elementor is increasing. That makes it easier for clients to choose a WordPress Design and Development expert like MikeGriffin.me and my site, FastFixWebDesign.com