Facebook WordPress Frustration Rant and Why Many Customers Love Developers Like Me

Here are the exact words from a recent post in the Elementor Group on Facebook: “Sorry here comes a random rant: ‘I think WordPress, in general, is a total minefield that requires years of experience to master and even then it’s a gamble every week as stuff updates. You think in our time we can send robots to Mars we would have had the technical side of websites pretty much figured out. ‘ End rant ? moving on…” and then there is a long stream of comments. 

I have many customers who came to me because they gave up trying to learn how to use WordPress. Instead of spending, often hours, trying to do something, they pass on the task to me. Most often, I get it done in 5 to 10 minutes. I have also had many customers who came to me frustrated and left masters of their own site. I just include them, first in watching me do the work and then I watch them and help them do the work through a Google Business Hangout. WordPress is not easy because it is a tool to design web pages. You really need to know the basics of web page design to be “good” at WordPress.

I come to WordPress having first learned to create web pages using just HTML and CSS. Then I went through learning Ruby on Rails and PHP. So WordPress is refreshingly easy for me because it (and my favorite tool Elementordo the hard background “page framework” coding for me. Then I often use my HTML, CSS and PHP skills to “perfect” the pages. 

Today, I had a customer who wanted a WordPress page title to be hyperlinked. There is not option in the WordPress Visual Editor to hyperlink the title. But it is an easy thing to enclose the title text in an anchor tag and make it hyperlinked. In other words, IMHO, yes WordPress is a lot to learn, but no it isn’t a total minefield if you first learned how to hand code web pages. ?