Custom Free Elementor Templates

I’ve been following the “releases” of new, “free” Elementor templates on the Elementor Facebook Group. I’m always game for adding templates to my tool bag so I click on through. And what have I found? Yuck, for the most part, the template is “free” if you give them your email address. That, IMHO, is not free. ?  And I hate it when I have to then unsubscribe to the crap I get trying to get me to buy stuff. But as I often point out, free is a terrible business model! So I understand the rationale for the offer! 

Last year, when Elementor was first introduced, I could see that the templates might be a model for a business so I started a website to sell templates I developed in the course of client website development. It only took me six months to determine that there wasn’t a market for $5 custom templates. ? 

On the other hand, I see a need for more good free page templates. So I decided to start providing free templates. It is an easy thing to do to take pages that I create in the course of business and then replace proprietary pictures with public domain pictures and real text with ipsum lorem. 

Today, I added 6 free templates for download to the website. As I add more, I’ll separate them into more granular categories and add a page with small screenshots and pop-ups of the full screenshot like Elementor does in their template choice page.