WordPress “Developers” Who Are All No Code but Use Page Builders

Identifying oneself as a WordPress “developer” seems to be for just about anyone who has rudimentary experience with WordPress. I recently picked up a new client. His evolution with WordPress “developers” was typical. He started with a friend who had used WordPress but the site never looked right to him. Then he went with a WordPress “developer” he found on Craigslist. The “developer” set him up with Avada theme. Look at their site: they are the #1 theme! Why? They have a drag and drop page builder and a lot of prebuilt sites! I’ve had a lot of customers who have come to me for fixing their sites built with Avada. This was going to be another one. But that is another story.

What is typical of the PageBuilder WordPress “developers” are that they are code clueless. Here are some examples of their questions from the Elementor Facebook Community. 

“Hi, I am not sure how to properly word this question or what this would be called to search for the answer, but within elementor, can you set a link that when clicked takes to you not just that page, but the actual section within that page. Does that make sense?”

Yeah, they have no idea what an Anchor is or how to use it! ? BTW, Elementor has an anchor widget so this is quite easy to code in an Elementor page. Wondering how? It’s pretty damn simple. The Anchor will always take the link format #in-page-anchor the page will always have its own URL, http://site.com/page/ so the link to the anchor within the page is simply:  http://site.com/page/#in-page-anchor

“Hi guys. when a YouTube video is used as a background to a section, is it streamed when viewed? and if it is streamed does it matter how big it is?” 

Huh? Yes. Any video is streamed when viewed. Yes. The bigger (ie longer) the video, the more kilobytes there are to stream – and the slower the site will be loading the initial buffer.

Stuff like this is intuitively easy when you know how to code html and css from scratch. ?