Elementor Expert and Cost Effective WordPress Developer Roadtrip

WordPress Elementor Expert Roadtrip!

Wow, I’m excited. It’s not that I’m bored with the Boston WordPress Developer business I’ve built. But I have had some really bad clients the last few months. No I won’t name them. 😜 So why am I excited?


Fast Fix HQ is moving from Lexington, MA to St. Paul, MN which is good news for us Minnesotans but what is better news is that we will get there by traveling down through Washington, DC and then, almost in a straight line, across the United States to Santa Barbara, CA. Then we will travel the Pacific Coast all the way to Seattle before heading back east through Yellowstone to get to St. Paul.

So why this post? It’s still months away but we’ll be using Elementor for all of our Roadtrip blog posts! I’ve used Elementor often for Blog posts but I still see a lot of questions about whether it works well and how it works. 

As we make our posts, we’ll document any and all issues we find using Elementor as our blog post tool.

Elementor as a WordPress Blog Post Tool