Elementor Countdown VS Hand Coding

Hand Coding VS Elementor

Easier? Better? More Fun?

My personal site, MikeGriffin.me, was original written in PHP and JavaScript. The blog was WordPress with a custom header, menu and footer to match the site. After starting a WordPress Development, Support and Tutorial business, I converted it into 100% WordPress. But sometimes, I still write pure PHP/JavaScript pages like Countdown to RoadTrip Move Back to MN.

Last night I started thinking “why didn’t I use Elementor for that page, it is probably easier and will end up prettier”. So I decided to give it a try today.

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Pat's Last Work Day: June 2dn, 2017

Time To Head Home!

Start Date: June 3rd 2017! Counting Down


So Was it Easier? Better? More Fun?

Was it easier? If you are a novice coder, of course it is easier, because it is literally all drag, drop, point, click, type and go! If you are an experienced coder and have a countdown page template in PHP and JavaScript, it’s easier to quickly edit the template code. But now I can make this into an Elementor template and then it becomes easier for anyone.

Was it better? It’s not better in Elementor. It is virtually the same. 

Was it more fun? Certainly for any novice coder, it is more fun because the editor and the rendered page are side by side. For the experienced coder who keeps the code open in a browser to check the change as it right, the power of the raw code is more fun.

However, anyone could have created this page. Anyone. THAT is a big deal. 

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