WordPress Theme Update for Speed and Functionality

I do a lot of websites every year. I try to use the best WordPress theme update for speed and functionality. I also work on a lot of websites fixing things for other “website design and development” companies that screw things up. Recently I went through a phone interview with one of them because they were unhappy with their current support lackey. AMAZING – they did 20 websites last year and can afford an office with a permanent staff of 5! Wow. My average site cost is around $700. @20 sites is around $14000. I can’t afford rent and a staff of five on that. ? ?  ?

The vast majority of these companies use custom themes that are a) not WP theme standards compliant, b) require a lot of cu$tom code and c) are a bitch to update and maintain. The kicker are b & c. That’s what gets them the big bucks and why they have to hire coders like me to help them maintain the sites. ?

WordPress, and the web, in general, are changing every year – a lot! So websites I did 3 years ago no longer reflect the best tech for making websites today. That was certainly true for Steiniger music. I built the site with a solid theme that did a lot of the lifting that the Page Builder, Elementor does for me today. Unfortunately, there has been no WordPress theme Update for speed and functionality with that theme choice.

This is a common problem. It’s a lot of work for theme authors to stay current when the majority of their users download their free version. Free is a terrible business model. I used the premium theme for the site but it has also never been updated.

So my basic task was to switch out the theme for Astra Pro, install the Premium Smart Slider 3 and Elementor Pro. Of course the result is exactly a WordPress Theme Update for Speed and Functionality!

And it looks better on mobile, which is one of the reasons the customer came back to me.

screencapture sizzy.co home page steininger.com