WordPress Elementor Plugin Anchor Landing Placement

As a WordPress developer, I live the true introvert of my inner self. Somewhere along the way in growing up, I developed a public “persona” that painted me extrovert. So these days I no longer live that persona and mostly stay quite in forums and groups. I belong to the Elementor Facebook Group .  One of the most interesting thingsI’ve found in following dialogs is how little I rely on plugin tricks to obtain results. Early on one of the complaints about Elementor was the landing point placement of the Anchor Widget. Many like the way that Beaver Builder (apparently, I’ve never used it) places the landing point about 15px or so above the anchor ID but noted that they also use a plugin to get there. The conclusion was, like it so often is with non coding background WordPress Designers, to use the plugin. 

I did’t care. I checked it out and it looked fine to me. It seemed to me to match what I’d expect if coding the page in html. Then today, creating a post for this site, I ran into their objection issue. The anchor landed where it should but not where I really wanted it to.

So I solved it the same way I would have when coding a page with straight up html and css. I added an elment to the page, put the anchor on IT and then hid the element.  In this case I used the Divider Widget. The link then jumped exactly to where I wanted it to jump.

Here’s the custom css I used on the post page

.elementor-divider {
display: none;

perfect elementor wordpress css solution