WordPress Blogging About Your Blog Posts Elsewhere

This site is one of the more interesting. The site owner is a writer. He regular writes posts that are reviews, interviews, and opinions at other sites. But he had no site that brought it all together. So we created that site for him. Art Sparks Music. In creating the site, I discovered a feature with the WordPress Editor that is simply wonderful for writers. You simply copy and paste a link from a blog post, voila, WordPress picks up that post’s art and excerpt.

Here’s an example from a post I made over at MikeGriffin.me, my opinions, experiences and observations blogging site, about WordPress Website Development in Minneapolis – St. Paul and Boston:


Now that is neat. It means that my author just needs to create a post heading and copy, paste the link to his remote blog post. Then WordPress takes care of the rest. Except, for the post summary page, like our Portfolio Page he needs to capture either a screenshot or Art from that post and then make it a Featured Image.

Neat stuff! ?