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Elementor WordPress Website Client Examples

We create look-and-feel designs with flexible WordPress implementations that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes. Our Websites are all 100% Google Mobile Friendly. We create designs through a Child Theme that changes the HTML and CSS of a Premium WordPress Theme. We also use Elementor Pro. We have an unlimited site use license. 

Elementer Astra Ski Resort Website

Elementor Astra Pro Ski Resort Website

I’ve just finished this Elementor Astra Pro Ski Resort Website for a digital design and support agency. I don’t do a lot of sub-contractor work but when I do it generally works out advantageously for the agency. ? One of the main reasons the work is advantageous for the agency is that I use Elementor which is a drag-and-drop

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Elementor Conference Website

Fast Conference Website with Elementor

It’s nice that I can make a Conference Website with Elementor very, very quickly! A client called last week with an urgent request. He is a workshop organizer for an conference workshop coming up in 4 weeks and he needed a website describing his workshop to be linked to the conference website. Turning a request like

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elementor astra personal injury law website

Elementor Personal Injury Law Website

This is a new elementor personal injury law website that I just completed. It’s another example of a $350 5 page website customization that starts with a $149.00 starter website. Not all  of the websites I do turn out particularly noteworthy but this one is really beautiful.  I had good input from this client who

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Elementor WooCommerce Multisite Implementation

Elementor WooCommerce in Multisite Unique Domain Implementation

Elementor WooCommerce in Multisite Unique Domain Implementation One of the nice things about an Elementor WooCommerce Multisite setup is how easy it is to clone the site and then edit it to create a new shop of the same or similar products targeted at a different audience. Here are three sites all created from the same

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Elementor Website Machine Learning and Big Data Finance

Elementor Machine Learning and Big Data Finance Website

This Elementor Website For Machine Learning and Big Data in selected areas of Finance is built with a theme that I normally associate with lyrical or spiritual sites. I call the model of the website, the Elegant Model. In fact, I most recently use the combination in a website for the Beguine Community of Saint Anna.  I

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Website Elementor Header and Footer Used on Astra Pro

New Website Using Elementor Header and Footer with Astra Pro

Here’s a new website we built with the new Elementor Header and Footer using the Astra theme with the Astra Pro plugin. We also used Astra Sites for the initial site template. The site is an example of hand in glove cooperation with a graphic designer for a complete custom site in a very short

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Minnesota Site Theme Update

Fast and Simple Minnesota Site Theme Update

Last week I finished a simple Minnesota site theme update, The job started with a client that had installed several security plugins. After configuring the last installation, as she put it, “the site is so secure that I can’t even login!”. ? I fixed that situation quickly by simply deleting her security plugin using her cPanel. Then she

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headway theme rework

Another Goofy WordPress PageBuilder That I Hate: Headway

This Headway Theme rework is another in a long line of websites I’ve been hired to rework because the pagebuilder is too hard and complicated for most users to master. You can add it to the list that includes such (IMHO ?) pagebuilders as Visual Composer, Divi and Avada. Certainly they have fans but most of

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Old WordPress Rebuild with Elementor Streaming Music Website

Old WordPress Rebuilt with Elementor

This Old WordPress Rebuilt with Elementor project was both a resurrection project and an Elementor enhancement project. The theme stayed the same as before so summary post pages remained the same. Additional pages were added, easily, because I could bring Elementor Pro into play.  The site had been archived a few years back so the first

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suburbanoutdoor avada website update

Update Avada Website Using HTML and CSS Skills

Avada Websites are common because the Avada Theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes. I’ve worked with it many (too many ?) times. One of the reasons, it seems to me, is that they offer a lot of Avada Website pre-built sites. But another reason is that many “designers” like to lock clients into a permanent

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quickhitter new responsive website

From Awful Avada to Responsive Astra + Elementor

I just completed a client website upgrade from Awful Avada to Astra + Elementor. I kept the looks of the site that had been built with Avada by using Astra + Elementor. It didn’t really look  great on mobile devices although it did stack and size somewhat. In particular, the picture header was not mobile responsive

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home page steininger music

WordPress Theme Update for Speed and Functionality

I do a lot of websites every year. I try to use the best WordPress theme update for speed and functionality. I also work on a lot of websites fixing things for other “website design and development” companies that screw things up. Recently I went through a phone interview with one of them because they were

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new look refinishing website

Difficult to Edit Non-Responsive Website to Easy and Mobile Responsive!

How do you fix Difficult to Edit Non Responsive Websites, on a tight budget? In other words, on the cheap. ?  Recently, a client I picked up a couple of years ago to provide some fixes to particular performance and responsive issues came to me because they simply couldn’t easily edit, update and manage the content themselves and they

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hair on earth website

Morphology Theme Plus Elementor Pro

This week I updated an old Flash website for a client. The old Flash website had resulted in some crazy Google search results! The client and I looked at several websites that she liked from similar local businesses. She really liked one site that featured the nav menu in a panel on the side of

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