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WordPress Website Portfolio

We create look-and-feel designs with flexible WordPress implementations that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes. Our Websites are all 100% Google Mobile Friendly. We create designs through a Child Theme that changes the HTML and CSS of a Premium WordPress Theme. We also use Elementor Pro. We have an unlimited site use license. 

Cleaning Up From Offshore Outsourced WordPress Development

A fair number of my clients come to me with a partially finished website that they had built by someone or some company in a low wage country. Most often their comments are something like “they didn’t seem to understand what I wanted”. Similarly, a number of my new clients

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fast fix web design making wordpress easy

WordPress “I wanted to make it easy for them”

What does “make it easy for them” mean? I’ve been following Craigslist ads for WordPress freelance work and it seems that everyone is in the business of making WordPress easy! ?  really…. Of course. If people didn’t need help, there would be no job for any of us. So why do we

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Fast Fix Web Design Example of Straight HTML and CSS Coded Website

An HTML and CSS Website Maintained by Fast Fix Web Design

Although we have made a point of the fact that we code HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript at Fast Fix Web Design, the majority of our clients are WordPress websites. However, we also do sub-contract website maintenance for both HTML and WordPress sites. This is one of the sites that

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WordPress Blog About Blog Posts Elsewhere

WordPress Blogging About Your Blog Posts Elsewhere

This site is one of the more interesting. The site owner is a writer. He regular writes posts that are reviews, interviews, and opinions at other sites. But he had no site that brought it all together. So we created that site for him. Art Sparks Music. In creating the

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building blocks wordpress web site by fast fix web design

WordPress Small Business Insurance Sales Site

While we are setting up our new Minneapolis – St. Paul WordPress Website Design, Development and Support office, we continue to service clients in the Boston area. Today we’ve gone live with an insurance sales site. The first thing we did was implement one of the themes, Enfold. Kreisi

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WordPress Model Fashion Website

Customization of Pretty in Pink WordPress Model Goes Live

It is hard for the majority of WordPress site owners to envision how fas, easy and inexpensive it can be to move from a crappy “custom theme” to a great professional theme (site). Theme development has been the end all and be all of WordPress website development for a very

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wordpress website snow clearing service

$150 Single Page Call to Action Website

We build websites that cost our clients from $150 to $10,000 because every WordPress Website Client is unique. Quite often our clients are heavy users of traditional medial like Flyers and Print ads. But they want to send someone to a website, a) for more information and by) more reinforcement of

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Spiritualist WordPress Website

Spiritualist Website

This was another example of where the colors, choice of theme and images were critical for creating the right kind of instant feeling for the site visitor. The site is for a Spiritualist’s business.

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Campaign Election WordPress Website

Election Campaign Website

We were approached by another company who had contracted for creation of this website. Suddenly they were overbooked with other work deadlines. We created this site by finding a theme with a demo import file that gave us almost instant site creation so that the work that was left was

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Event Driven Organization WordPress Website

Event Driven Organization WordPress Website

Sometimes a request for a new theme turns into a complete site rebuild from beginning to end. This was one of those sites. Every page and virtually every plugin was replaced with something better, fresher and 100% Google Mobile Friendly. This is another example of taking a theme like Emotions

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craft business wordpress website

Craft Business Website

This client has a craft business featuring hand made wooden furniture. Our task here was to make the site appealing but not too complicated for the client to maintain himself!

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ecommerce wordpress website

Ecommerce Website

We were asked to update an eCommerce website to new mobile friendly theme. It turned out that the looks of a competitive website that the client liked was a WordPress theme. So it was a fairly easy project!

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Fashion Business WordPress Website

Fashion Business Website

This is another site that started as a “my site’s not working” situation. We fixed the issues on the host and then the client asked us to start to “pretty up” the site. The results made her very happy!

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Homeowners Association WordPress Website

Housing Coop Website

It isn’t often that we get business from users because WordPress tries their best to keep what we do best impossible to do. But there is a lot that we can do with inline CSS and HTML. We “prettied up” this site for a Housing Cooperative Homeowners Association

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Chinese English WordPress Website

Multi Language WordPress Website

There are a large number of small businesses that are focused on providing local US services to non-English speakers in other countries. The challenge is to provide a site that is in English for US Visitors and the local language for the Visitors in the target country. We accomplished that

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