Unplanned Elementor Website – Surprise!

I recently had a client come to me with 2 websites. One was built by a WordPress consultant and one that she had built herself using a page builder theme template. Her complaint was that she was totally unable to edit and update the website built by the consultant but she was completely comfortable updating the one she built – but – and it was a big but – the page builder template didn’t have enough features to rebuild her main website. I told her I could rebuild her website with Elementor and a Premium Shaped Pixels theme for $50/page. Her main concern was the ability to keep the site up to date herself. She wanted a slider header banner on the home page, so I chose the Shaped Pixels Emotions theme and Elementor Pro. 

I built out a replication of her current home page and asked her to review it. When she did, she started working through the Elementor Tutorials and YouTube Videos – and never asked me to do any further work, except to move the site from my development server to her server!

And that is how a $500 job turns into a $50 job! ?