Client Collaboration Elementor Website

Elementor websites make it really easy to collaborate with clients. Amy came to me because of the work I had done for a friend of hers, Matt Lamposa. She had a Bluehost site with the usual plethora of Bluehost crap. Like GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc, Bluehost loads you up with a marketplace plugin, lots of ‘buy this’ suggestions and sells you a crappy Visual Composer theme. Visual Composer, IMHO, is a total piece of crap. In general, until the release of Elementor, I wouldn’t use page builders at all because I think they are all crap that slows your sight down and ties you into crappy slow themes!

We left her domain name at Bluehost but moved her to a hosted account on¬†Namecheap’s new hosting plan is $9.88¬† for the first year. It is a dependable, profitable operation that doesn’t try to trick you into buying extra useless stuff. Namecheap hosting offers free WordPress backups, updates and you can get https for only $9/year! I’m not an affiliate or a reseller of Namecheap. I recommend Namecheap hosting because I have 10 years of experience with them and a decade of experience helping people with the other awful hosting companies out there.

I chose one of the Shaped Pixels themes and Elementor for the page builder. In other words, it’s pretty much an Elementor website! Elementor gives us the ability to create our own custom page layouts using a drag & drop interface that requires no coding knowledge. It’s a beautiful design tool and super for clients because they can take over the edit and update of the site!