Setup the Construction Pre-built Dummy Demo Website

We have combined the 19 flexible use Sidebars included with the free theme to create a powerful easy to customize landing page for this demo site and the fast, free and flexible Page Builder, Elementor to create a ready to go website for you! Here’s how you set it up.

Please follow this exact order or the pre-built website will not function correctly.

In your zipped package download, you will find the file. Extract the contents.

Construction Pre-Built Website Import Files

Then go to your new WordPress Website Installation and start installing the plugins until you have installed them all. Then activate, at least, the following plugins:

  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
  • Display Widgets
  • Elementor
  • Hide Title
  • Remove Widget Titles
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • Widget Importer & Exporter
  • Smart Slider 3
  • WP Google Maps

activate these plugins for the pre-built longevity website



Upload the theme zip file included in your package.

upload longevity pre-built website theme

Then activate the theme

Activate longevity pre-built website theme

This process has several steps in a new WordPress Setup


1. Install WordPress Importer

Run WordPress Importer install WordPress Importer

2. Run WordPress Importer

Run WordPress Importer

3. Select Pre-Built Website Content XML file for import

import Constructor xml files

4. Attribute Author Attributes to Your Admin User and Check Import Attachments

Attribute Author Attributes and Import Attachments

5. Import.

This step is last because the Sidebars and Widgets don’t exist until you install the Theme. Then the images for the widget content doesn’t exist until you install the content.

First Select the Widget Import Under Tools

Select the Widget Importer for the Pre-Built Website Widget

Then choose the Widget import wie file

import construction widgets

After you import, you should see success:

Successful import of the longevity dummy website widgets


All WordPress themes default to blog view for the home page. You have to set the them to use a static page for the home page and blog page. You have imported the content. All you have to do is set them.


Got to Appearance>Customize and choose the Static Front Page Option. Then select Home and Blog.

Set Home Page