Old WordPress Rebuilt with Elementor

This Old WordPress Rebuilt with Elementor project was both a resurrection project and an Elementor enhancement project. The theme stayed the same as before so summary post pages remained the same. Additional pages were added, easily, because I could bring Elementor Pro into play. 

The site had been archived a few years back so the first thing was to figure out what was in the archives. The first zip file lacked the database dump. But the second archive had all the files, they were just buried in a lot of other stuff that came off of a very full drive that had housed multiple websites.

Importing the database proved to be a bit difficult because the export wasn’t compatible with any of the format options in PHPMyAdmin. I ended up manually fixing the incompatibilities in the SQL files. WordPress “developers” who haven’t ever written an SQL query or line of HTML or CSS code simply can’t do this kind of old wordpress rebuild with Elementor ?. 

The fun started with the clients need for a page showing a gallery of his video mixes. 

Old WordPress Site Rebuilt with Elementor Streaming Music Website Streaming Video Mixes

This page, also, could not be written without knowledge of HTML because the gallery is build with the Elementor HTML Widget:

Elementor HTML Code Widget For Streaming Music Video Gallery

Elementor makes it easier and faster to build great websites but it doesn’t eliminate the ability to use  solid HTML, CSS, SQL and JS coding skills!