Another Goofy WordPress PageBuilder That I Hate: Headway

This Headway Theme rework is another in a long line of websites I’ve been hired to rework because the pagebuilder is too hard and complicated for most users to master. You can add it to the list that includes such (IMHO ?) pagebuilders as Visual Composer, Divi and Avada. Certainly they have fans but most of the ones I know are mediocre coders who use them to create websites for clients and lock them into paying for further updates through the same mediocre coder. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Headway Product Grid

headway theme rework product grid

Right away you can see that a headway theme rework would be intuitively easy, right? ? Of course, as  you may have noted, my page builder of choice is Elementor. Reasons can be found in in my personal website post Elementor VS Themes, Advantages

I picked up this job after the site owner had fired her developer and he had locked her out of the site administrator functionality. Once we recovered her role, I picked up the task of site maintenance. Right now, she’s happy staying where she is but I hope to see her upgrade to Astra  and Elementor in the future. ?