New Subdomain for Free Pre-Built Websites

I’ve written several times about the trend for “theme choices” to become “pre-built demo choices”. It’s understandable because the vast majority of WordPress website owners never understand what a “theme” does for them. But they can see what a pre-built website does for them. We are not opposed to the trend. We have a number of clients simply because setting up one of the pre-built websites and then customizing it to make it right for your own site is not easy. Literally every one of the sites tries to make it easy by using a drag and drop page builder. Unfortunately the vast majority of the WordPress drag and drop page builders are not as easy as the drag and drop Website Builders. Even my daughter chose one of those for her site, Griffin B Photography because they were easier to use than WordPress Page Builders. That all changed with the introduction of Elementor last year. In Behind the Design of Elementor, Ben Pines wrote, “We noticed that website builders like Wix and Squarespace included really superb website builders, that surpassed WordPress page builders in almost every aspect. This was strange, given that WordPress was the dominant CMS, with almost 60% market share. We decided to build the ultimate page builder for WordPress, one that would cater to both developers and designers.” And they did.

Similarly, IMHO the vast majority of WordPress free themes are designed to force people to buy the premium version because the free version simply sucks. That is one of the reasons we specialize in providing WordPress Free and Premium themes by Shaped Pixels. Andre is professional theme developer who has been coding for both CMS and Joomla for over a decade. I have never found a JavaScript bug in his themes, like I have in the themes from crappy, copy, paste and slightly modify “theme shops” that start with a nice looking but functionally marginal theme. Andre’s free themes offer all the functionality a basic website needs once you add Elementor pages. 

So we have launched our free pre-built WordPress website subdomain in order to provide really high quality pre-built sites that do not have an embedded “gotcha” from being feature poor. The landing page for the Free Pre-Built Websites is, itself, a free pre-built site!

import and then edit our free fast fix web design pre-built websites 

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