Introducing $99 Elementor Pro Websites

Update: ALL Elementor Websites Now Use the Fast Astra Theme:

This week we’re expanding our pre-built sites to include sites built with professional plugins and themes. We’ll be using Shaped Pixel Themes, Elementor Pro, and Smart Slider 3 Pro  The price a client would have to pay for the premium theme and plugins is more than the $99 we charge for installation and configuration of the website! 

Our clients often send us to several websites with a request to build a site that “looks like one of those”. That is genuinely no problem to accomplish using a child theme, a professional theme and Elementor Pro. But it is time consuming. In general each page takes 30 to 60 minutes to build so the first draft of a 5 page site will cost $250.00 to $500 for the page building alone. Then the back and forth of further customization and enhancement generally runs to $250 so the client ends up paying at least $500 to $1000. 

If we can provide pre-built sites that meet the look and feel that a client wants, it eliminates the first draft page building, saving clients up to $500. We are working in that direction with our model websites, $25 Elementor websites and $99 Elementor Pro websites. We’re launching our first $99 sites this week!