Five Things NOT to Do to Get a $$$$$ Premium WordPress Website On The Cheap

The one thing that is universally true is that WordPress clients want a website that looks Premium but on the cheap! There are five things that you can NOT do to get a beautiful Premium WordPress Website On The Cheap. Remember that WordPress is open source and free. Remember that WordPress only “approves” theme versions that are open source and free. Note that free is a terrible business model. And that is the reason that so many in the WordPress business are always trying to “trick” you into buying something.

  1. Do NOT buy a “Premium Theme”. Hire a WordPress Developer who subscribes to a membership to a professional theme author’s themes. That allows the professional WordPress Consultant, Designer, Developer to provide you premium theme versions for free. We are Lifetime Subscribers to Shaped Pixels. Any Premium Theme, any time, any upgrade costs our clients nothing. 
  2. Do NOT buy a premium theme with an importable demo that looks “perfect” for your purpose. We get a ton of business from clients who can’t figure out how to edit the imported demo. The majority of those sites use a “shortcode” based Page Builder that a) in Editor view looks like chopped spaghetti and b) doesn’t move well from theme to theme and c) costs additionally for the real, full version.
  3. Do NOT use a host that heavily advertises or seems to offer incredible support for free. We are not going to go through all the suffering we’ve seen with clients  who choose these hosts. But it has been a good source of income. We are very good at moving people from terrible hosts to good hosts. Our two recommended hosts are Bluehost and Namecheap. In our opinion, Namecheap is the best WordPress and https hosting value while Bluehost has day time support by native American English speakers. That can be very important to many people. It is also a reason for many of our clients to choose Fast Fix Web Design for WordPress support. We all speak American English as our first language, although with a slightly Minnesotan accent due to decades of calling Minneapolis St. Paul our home town. ?
  4. Do NOT buy expensive plugins that are not as good as those you can get for free. We include a complete suite of solid, free plugins. Those WordPress Utility Plugins are Better Font Awesome, Breadcrumb NavXT, Contact Form 7, Display Widgets, WP Hide Title, TinyMCE Advanced HTML Editor, Syntax Highlighter, Remove Widget Titles, Widget CSS Classes, Simple Custom CSS, Image Widget, Regenerate Thumbnails, and WP Google Maps. It is very rare that any client needs any other plugin unless they have a very specific requirement.
  5. Do NOT try to create beautiful pages using the built in WordPress text editor, even with TinyMCE Advanced HTML Editor. The built in WordPress text editor is best for blog posts. Beautiful web pages require beautiful styling. Build your pages with a good Page Builder that allows you to add powerful custom, mobile responsive CSS styling. Our choice is Elementor, a Page Builder that doesn’t leave ugly shortcode behind and stays totally intact as you change themes.

It’s easy to work with the Fast Fix Web Design WordPress agency. We have decades of business experience and a decade of WordPress website development experience. The one thing you can do to get a  $$$$$ Premium WordPress Website On The Cheap is hire a company like us. ?

wordpress website showing on a MAC