Elementor WooCommerce in Multisite Unique Domain Implementation

Elementor WooCommerce in Multisite Unique Domain Implementation

One of the nice things about an Elementor WooCommerce Multisite setup is how easy it is to clone the site and then edit it to create a new shop of the same or similar products targeted at a different audience. Here are three sites all created from the same base shop site.

A couple of these sites are on a multisite implementation that uses unique domains for each site. The domain names are registered at a different registrar from where the sites are hosted. This presents an interesting challenge in setting up multisite by domain.

I found a couple of good guides on how-to set up multisite by domain:

Stack Exchange How to Use WordPress Multisite with Different Domain Names

Namecheap How to Set Up and Manage WordPress Multisite

The most important help, for me, was how to setup a wildcard subdomain in order to implement multisite by unique domain:

WordPress Multisite Setting Up a Wildcard Subdomain

The second most important point was that you have to point the nameservers for the domain to the hosts nameserver and wait for it to propagate before creating the new site. 

And then finally, it’s easy to start setting up new sites. First create the new multisite website as a subdomain.

add new subdomain website to multisite

Then you simply change the site url to your sites actual url:

change subdomain url to site actual url