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Introducing $99 Elementor Pro Websites

Update: ALL Elementor Websites Now Use the Fast Astra Theme:

This week we’re expanding our pre-built sites to include sites built with professional plugins and themes. We’ll be using Shaped Pixel Themes, Elementor Pro, and Smart Slider 3 Pro  The price a client would have to pay for the premium theme and plugins is more than the $99 we charge for installation and configuration of the website! 

Our clients often send us to several websites with a request to build a site that “looks like one of those”. That is genuinely no problem to accomplish using a child theme, a professional theme and Elementor Pro. But it is time consuming. In general each page takes 30 to 60 minutes to build so the first draft of a 5 page site will cost $250.00 to $500 for the page building alone. Then the back and forth of further customization and enhancement generally runs to $250 so the client ends up paying at least $500 to $1000. 

If we can provide pre-built sites that meet the look and feel that a client wants, it eliminates the first draft page building, saving clients up to $500. We are working in that direction with our model websites, $25 Elementor websites and $99 Elementor Pro websites. We’re launching our first $99 sites this week!

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  •  Free Elementor Template JSON File    Demo

    This One Page Business Website is meant to be used with the Elementor Canvas Template. Using the Elementor Responsive Settings, the main header menu disappears on mobile phones and becomes a vertical menu under the logo.

    Free One Page Business Site Elementor Template