Conference Website with Elementor built from a Elementor Library Template
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Elementor Conference Website

Fast Conference Website with Elementor

It’s nice that I can make a Conference Website with Elementor very, very quickly! A client called last week with an urgent request. He is a workshop organizer for an conference workshop coming up in 4 weeks and he needed a website describing his workshop to be linked to the conference website. Turning a request like this around, fast, all starts with an Elementor template!

I have an unlimited Elementor Pro license so I can use either the free templates or the ones that come with Pro. I don’t remember of the template I chose was free or came with Pro. But I chose one that matched the layout of the main conference website, the Christmas Design Conference Template

The client had also provided a Word Document with their desired layout. Here’s a cropped screen shot that captures the layout without all of the speakers.

Conference Website with Elementor Word mock up

As you can see, it’s in line with the layout in the Elementor Template that I chose:

elementor conference template

and finally you can see how building the Workshop Conference Website I built with the Elementor Template I chose ends up creating a website that is complimentary to the main conference website. Compare the clipped conference website at the top of this post with this clip of the main conference website.

conference main website




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