WordPress “I wanted to make it easy for them”

What does “make it easy for them” mean? I’ve been following Craigslist ads for WordPress freelance work and it seems that everyone is in the business of making WordPress easy! ?  really….

Of course. If people didn’t need help, there would be no job for any of us. So why do we say “We started this business because too many bright people are still lost in the breadth and depth of WordPress. We wanted to make it easy for them.”? As trivial and trite as it sounds, it is because our clients tell us that is what we do.

It became, first, really clear that that is what we do when we created a Campaign, Election WordPress Website.

wordpress election campaign website WordPress Election Campaign Website

One of, now, my better clients had taken a job for his company to develop the website. But his developers had become “slammed” with work to do, so he needed help getting the site done. We took an easy way, We found an “Election Theme” that came with a complete demo import. It is exactly what the client did in the post I made earlier about Kreisi.at, WordPress Small Business Insurance Sales Site. We had the site live and ready to go in 2 days. That is when he said “wow, you make WordPress easy”.

In fact, all of the sites that provide WordPress “themes” with a demo import, IMHO, have nothing to do with “themes”. But they have everything to do with giving clients an easy to edit model. The problem is that the client has to learn the damn theme. And that is often a lot of work for clients who don’t live all day, every day creating WordPress Websites.

And that brings me to our WordPress Website Models. They do the same thing, except that there are only 2 things to learn: (1) Which Sidebars (widgets) are used for the home page and how to edit them. But we provide the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget so they are edited exactly like standard WordPress Posts and Pages. (2) We build inside pages with Elementor Pro and provide the Pro License Key. Literally every client who has used Elementor has said “wow, this IS easy”.

Over the course of time, we’ll be much more specific about how we make many things with implementing WordPress easy.