WordPress: Helping recover from firing your developer

WordPress ? Helping recover from firing your developer

Most of my customers come to be because they have fired their WordPress Agency, Developer or Consultant.

WordPress is so “easy” that lots of people who don’t have a clue about how to code a website using HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, ASP, Rails or Java become WordPress “Developers”, “Consultants”, “Experts” and Agencies.

Plugin Rangers and Drag & Drop Designers can do great work. But their work doesn’t work out well for many people who need something more.

When people find they are in that situation, they get upset and then often they find me and are happy with my results. ?

? Coding Websites since the mid ’90s.
? Building Websites with WordPress Core since 2010.
? Adapting WordPress Templates with PHP and CSS since 2012.
? Integrating Elementor, HTML, CSS, JS and WordPress since June 1, 2016

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