How WordPress Website Developers Build Cool Elementor Websites with Astra

I’ve been a WordPress Website Developer in one form or another since about 2006. 

I started building websites in the late 90s and continued learning and using HTML, CSS and JavaScript together with PHP to create dynamic websites for years. I first started using WordPress to add blogs to those websites so I had to customize the WordPress templates so that the header and footer matched the site.

One day someone asked me to build them a website using just WordPress. Bang! It was easier than coding a site by hand but I could still do all of the fancy customization by editing the html and css with a child theme! I was sold.

Today, after retiring from software application development, I run my own Website Development, Support, Help and Tutorial Business in Minneapolis-St.Paul called Fast Fix Web Design. It’s fun because I can bring my decade of WordPress experience to clients looking for fast, inexpensive help. We have fun working together!

I’ve worked hard to make my sites easy for my clients to take over and edit. That means that I’ve carefully chosen themes that work well right out of the box and with Page Builders. Recently I’ve been building cool Elementor websites with Astra and their Astra Sites. It’s a really neat way for any novice to start out with a great pre-built website, like the Astra Elementor Gardening and Landscape Website. One of the marketing features of Astra Sites and Astra Agency is the ability to white label the demos so that they look like I made them. While that may make it easier to sell them, it isn’t true. So instead, I present customizations as well as the demos out of the box, but I include over $120 in premium plugins with my client installations.