WordPress Communities or Why Great WordPress Websites Are For Any Need

I belong to a WordPress group on Facebook, the Elementor’s Community. In general, I’m not much of a “community” participant. I joined Stack Overflow and faced more criticism than help when I posted questions. Similarly, when I actually knew and answer for someone, I couldn’t post because my “reputation” wasn’t high enough. Similarly, I sought to participate in the WordPress Stack Exchange and, bang, I was voted down on my first question because it was about an issue that the plugin author hadn’t answered but it was not the place to bring it to the Stack Exchange forum. In other words, I’m not a great group-ie.

But I have found the Elementor’s Community a genuine pleasure. Oh, I’ve had a couple of sour replies to my comments but they have been from those who are clearly unskilled relative newbies who should suffer from WordPress Imposter Syndrome but don’t ?, In general, it has been a source of practical information that have improved my skills as a WordPress developer. Moreover, it has shown be the great breadth as well as depth of WordPress’s utility for website creation.

I’m thinking about joining other WordPress communities on Facebook…..

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