From Sitebuilder to Elementor WordPress

It’s fairly common for people who have built sites with one of the popular drag and drop website builders to want a more robust site in WordPress. From Sitebuilder to Elementor is one of those stories.

Sitebuilder is a popular “build it yourself” drag and drop website builder. It appears to be the “go-to” website builder for GoDaddy. Last year I had a prospective client come to me with a GoDaddy Sitebuilder site with a request to make it look better and work better on mobile. I told him I wasn’t an expert on any of the “website builder” but that I am an expert in Elementor and WordPress. Then earlier this month, he came back and asked me to recreate his website.

It was only a 5 page site so it was pretty easy to duplicate. I chose the Astra Pro theme with Elementor to dupe the site. The first phase is almost always a straight up recreation of the layout of the site. The next phase is rearranging the layout and adding some whiz bang to make the site more appealing. The third step is optimization for mobile. Here’s a popup that shows you how the sites look side by side. Just click the picture!

[popuppress id=”4004″]