A Fresh Approach To Fast Web Design

IMHO, 😆 , the vast majority of WordPress development takes place with out of date tools. The tools used are as out of date as a 1980 computer. Last year, Matt Mullenweg said, to the WordPress Community: “Learn JavaScript, Deeply”.  Most won’t listen and most won’t get why. But many do and many are making sweeping improvements in WordPress.

Two examples are Shaped Pixels and Elementor. We’ve been a fan of Shaped Pixels since it launched. We had not been a fan of Page Builders until Elementor. Both use JavaScript well. Both give talented developers, developers who can write HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript tools that totally mesh with those skills. The result is beautiful websites that can be built fast!

Come back soon, and often to see how we bring you fast, beautiful ways to own a state of the art website!