Free Elementor One Page Website – Lion Studios

Last year I picked up a new client who asked me to convert an existing site to WordPress. He was hosted by someone he had come to dislike and his website had been written by the host’s daughter who he had come to also dislike. I created what was pretty much a clone of the site on Namecheap with WordPress. And that was that. Or so I thought.

It turns out that later he had someone take a free Bootstrap One Page Website and customize it for their use. By the way, that is very similar to the situation where I lost a WordPress site to a consultant who uses Squarespace. Except that it actually takes coding skills to customize free bootstrap sites. ?

So lately, I’ve started creating easy to implement and customize one page Elementor websites. My latest is Lion Studios, a one page agency website. Elementor Pro now includes a Nav Menu Widget so I could use the widget to create the menu, but that would mean any user has to buy Elementor Pro and that means it isn’t a free template! Instead, I create a menu that is independent of WordPress and switches to a mobile version for smartphones.