Elementor Nav Menu, Widgets and Full One Page Websites

First Post Using New Elementor Post Widgets - Part of the Coming Theme Builder

https://fastfixwebdesign.com/99-elementor-pro-websites/Kevin Thomas Productions was an interesting opportunity to use several powerful features of Elementor and Elementor Pro. Kevin has a production company that promotes bands and books them into different gigs. When he came to me he had 3 domain names with pointers to 3 websites where each website had several pages. He had looked at some of my $99 websites with a customization cost of $300 and asked if I could create a template he could use for his band sites and a landing page for his production company for $300. The answer was yes.

There were a couple of templates that were an excellent starter for the band websites and I used the Elementor Personal About Template as a basis for the home landing page. His old sites had major slider issues that he wanted solved which I did using Smart Slider 3 and a slider image sizer trick. In my experience, all sliders show images best if all the images are the same size. So I take the biggest image of my planned slides and create a background image that size. I typically color it white so that I can easily also make it transparent using GIMP. Then I superimpose the rest of the image on top of it so that the background fills in the the size shortfall. I updated all of his images using that trick and chose a solid slider template for his goal.

The next step was to create the band website template. I created a one page website with Elementor Sections for each page of his former band websites. Then I added an anchor widget to each section so that I could create a WordPress band page menu using simply the #sectionID. That allows the menu to be used on all subsequent band pages. The Nav Menu on the page itself was created with the Elementor NavMenu Widget

one page website page with own menu

 Each  of the sections made use of different Elementor Widgets to accomplish the kind of page effects that people pay thousands of dollars on custom coded websites or that WordPress users accomplish with expensive plugins. 

It’s a great example of what can be done for way less than even offshore custom website development right here in the US! – Minnesota, specifically! 


Mike Griffin

Mike Griffin

After decades as a technical marketing executive and co-founder of software startups, Mike started a website development and maintenance business to give clients beautiful websites with Premium Themes and Plugins on a Budget.