Ecommerce Website

We were asked to update an eCommerce website to new mobile friendly theme. It turned out that the looks of a competitive website that the client liked was a WordPress theme. So it was a fairly easy project!

Fashion Business Website

This is another site that started as a “my site’s not working” situation. We fixed the issues on the host and then the client asked us to start to “pretty up” the site. The results made her very happy!

Housing Coop Website

It isn’t often that we get business from WordPress.com users because WordPress tries their best to keep what we do best impossible to do. But there is a lot that we can do with inline CSS and HTML. We “prettied up” this site for a Housing Cooperative Homeowners Association

Multi Language WordPress Website

There are a large number of small businesses that are focused on providing local US services to non-English speakers in other countries. The challenge is to provide a site that is in English for US Visitors and the local language for the Visitors in the target country. We accomplished that for the bilingual Chinese/English Website.

Blogger Website

The pure blogger website is a rare new client these days. When we get one, it is generally because so many of the themes that crummy web hosts promote for $ are also nearly impossible for the newbie WordPress user. In a case like this, we take a very simple theme like Twenty Sixteen, create …

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Tech Sales Company Website

Right now, this is still WIP. Many active businesses find it difficult to find the time to finish their Website development projects! This has been an interesting challenge finding the right color palette, footer and featured product category pages. The site is really looking good however!