Batsh*t Crazy Clients

Why Don't I Trust My Gut? 🙄

I started this business with two batshit crazy clients. I lost time and money on both. Since then, I’ve done a pretty good job of firing clients before I waste too much time with them or just saying NO, we are a bad match! 🙃

Last week I had a response to one of my Craigslist ads. After 3 emails back and forth, I wrote, “Based upon your email, we aren’t a good fit. There’s too much anxiety on your end. It won’t be fun working together.”

She wrote asking me to give her another chance and I took the job. I agreed to rebuild 10 pages of a SquareSpace site in WordPress with Elementor for $175. 

I build the site out with a really good Premium theme that would have cost her $59 with Elementor Pro which would have cost her $25 and Smart Slider 3 Pro which would have cost her $25. So, for $175 she got my time and $124 of Pro plugins. 

Then I got feedback. Ouch. Twenty-Nine (20) bulleted nitpicky styling requests. Now, really, 99% of my clients understand that I give the the basics for a reasonable price but they are responsible for the minutiae of styling. 

However, some of the requests were interestng because I hadn’t been asked to do them before so I would learn something by doing them. I did them all – it took me 4 fricking hours. My billable rate is $45. That is $180 of free time.

crazy lady client

It’s pretty neat so I send it to her with my comments to each and everyone onf of the 20 bulleted points – another 45 minutes of what should have been billable time. 

OMFingG – I get back a numbered list of 31 THIRTY-ONE issues to correct. FCOL! This woman is clearly nuts. 

NP. Been there, done that. Sent her a Bye-Bye email. 

bye bye kiss my ass