A $99 Web Design Shop Website with Smart Slider 3 and Elementor Pro

Update: $99 Sites Have Been Discontinued. See https://fastfixwebdesign.com/elementor-pro-websites/for new website offerings.

I think that Smart Slider 3 is the best slider on the market for WordPress. What makes it even better is that the Nextend folks work to make it 100% compatible with Elementor! This video shows you how they work together! So, for the next several $99 Full Pre-built Elementor Pro Websites, I’m featuring Smart Slider 3 Pro. I have unlimited domain licenses for the premium themes, Elementor Pro and Smart Slider 3 Pro I used in these my packages which means that they come with all three included. They are always included when I do the development, installation and customization of any website. That means that customers are actually getting a $-34 site credit because all three, together would cost my client $133! ?

Smart Slider 3 Pro comes with 100 pre-built sliders. Together with Elementor Pro’s 100+ pre-built 1 page templates, my customers end up with design tools from  the best web designers in the world when they hire me to install a $25 site, $99 site or create a fully custom website following their specification!

This $99 Web Design Agency Website website is suitable for just about any business that needs to feature rich images in pages and sliders.