$25 Construction – Builder Elementor Website 1 Click Installation

Update: 1 Click Has Been Discontinued. See https://fastfixwebdesign.com/elementor-pro-websites/for new website offerings.

We’re pleased to introduce a robust Construction Building Trades / Company pre-built demo website. We’ve built the website with the Emotions Lite theme. The theme comes in both a free and a Premium Version. We always include the Premium version when we do the implementation on the client’s host.

The pre-built website is only $25 and includes several key site pages, a contact page and a blog summary page. It is hard to find a better value for creating a comprehensive construction or building business website. The Emotions Lite theme is a very flexible theme for stand alone use or for use with Elementor.

We’ve built this Construction Website using 100% Elementor so that it is incredibly easy for a new customer to take over and continue to maintain and built the site for their own purposes. The Visual Editor can be used for blog posts and an interesting replacement front page could be built with the theme sidebar options after a user became more familiar with traditional theme construction using widgets and sidebars.