$149 Elementor Pro Astra Instant WP Website - Fast Fix Web Design

$149 Elementor Pro Astra Instant WP Website


This Elementor Pro Astra Instant WordPress Website is built with the Stylish, Lightning Fast, Easily Customizable, Pro Astra Theme. The Astra Pro theme comes with ready to Import websites similar to my One Click Installation $25 Elementor Websites. You get a free Astra Sites plugin that lets you choose from dozens of pre-built sites if you decide that you want to change the site to another one. The import function works much like the one click demo import plugin.


Stunning Business Website

You can edit and create your own website in Minutes. No coding skills required.

The theme comes with its own robust customizer as well as the standard WordPress Customizer. No coding knowledge necessary! The theme is made for Page Builders so it gives you ability to turn off the page title & sidebar and create full width pages with complete design freedom. Astra provides Super Fast Performance Astra because it was designed for speed. Made for Speed:

  • Astra makes only 4 HTTP requests (That’s minimum possible for a functional WordPress theme)
  • Loads less than 50 KB code. Astra is feather light. Oher WordPress themes require at least 300 KB of code.
  • Does not use jQuery by default because many times, render blocking jQuery get in the way of performance optimization. So Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead.

The theme includes several SiteOrigin widgets for the footer and I use the theme header option in the customizer. The rest of the pages are 100% Elementor Pro. For $99, we will install and license the full website on your host. 


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  •  Free Elementor Template JSON File    Demo

    This One Page Business Website is meant to be used with the Elementor Canvas Template. Using the Elementor Responsive Settings, the main header menu disappears on mobile phones and becomes a vertical menu under the logo.

    Free One Page Business Site Elementor Template