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Cleaning Up From Offshore Outsourced WordPress Development

A fair number of my clients come to me with a partially finished website that they had built by someone or some company in a low wage country. Most often their comments are something like “they didn’t seem to understand what I wanted”. Similarly, a number of my new clients have also picked a “WordPress Managed Hosting”. Recently I had a new client who was caught in dissatisfaction with both. The offshore developer had simply implemented a free demo that came with the theme and the host locked down everything, including the ability to set passwords and add premium plugins that require a license. Ouch. 

Fixing their issues was easy. I set them up on Namecheap Value Hosting for $9.88 with SSL for https for $9.00. Then I gave them the great Receptive Theme with a sticky header and Elementor Pro. Over a short period of time, I was able to give them exactly what they wanted for less than $350 in consulting time. 

Clients are almost always surprised at how much I can do for such a small charge!

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