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Astra Elementor Pro Hair Salon Website

Today I added a new Astra Elementor Pro Hair Salon Website. It’s built from one of the Astra Sites websites with a change in color scheme, images and text. One of the great things about where Elementor and Astra are taking us is the ability to template pre-built websites much like builders use model homes to build customizable, high quality, but low building cost houses. Working from templates, I can deliver 5 page premium websites for $350 whereas a typical “premium agency” working with their own themes charge as much as $5000. 

Let’s talk a bit about those “agency themes”. I end up doing a lot of maintenance for sites using these themes. Invariably, the have not passed the WordPress quality check that is required for all free themes on Themes. That may not be a bad thing but it is still a step missing in quality assurance for the backbone of your website. Similarly, much of what can be done with Elementor and the Astra Pro theme is done with a bunch of templates that are customized for specific pages. I just finished a maintenance customization on a site like that were the owner of the site couldn’t even create a basic additional page. ?

Along those same lines of “designer as developer” coding incompetence, consider this question posted in the Facebook Elementor group, “Hi there! Is it posible in elementor to create a button that when you press goes to another part of the same page? Thanks!!”. That’s a shame. Anyone who has taken an HTML 101 course knows that is handled with an Anchor ID. 

The beauty of my design and development approach with Astra Elementor Pro is that I can fully utilize my HTML5, CSS and JS skills but leave the client a site that is easy to edit – for about the cost of cheap offshore “custom” development!

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    This One Page Business Website is meant to be used with the Elementor Canvas Template. Using the Elementor Responsive Settings, the main header menu disappears on mobile phones and becomes a vertical menu under the logo.

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