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One Click Website How To

One Click Elementor Websites

Installation Instructions

Install the

Using the Standard File Upload WordPress Theme Installation

If you are a moderately experienced WordPress user, the steps are simple: (1) download the zip file. (2) Unzip it to a folder with the theme and child theme.

(3) Install the theme. (4) Install and activate the child theme. (5) Install the required plugins. (6) Click the Appearance Menu Link and import the full website

The name of the download file will be the same as the name of the one click website. If it is “Health 1”, then the name of the file will be One Click Install Files

After you download the One Click Installation Elementor Theme Files, unzip the file.

unzipped one click website install folder

It will create a folder with the same name as the zip file. If the zip file is, then the folder will health1.

The theme installation folder will always have two zip files. The Parent Theme and The Child Theme, and


In the Dashboard, under Appearance > Themes, Select the Add New button.

Select Add New Theme

Select Upload and install the file (for example, first. Do not activate it.

Install The Parent Theme First

Return to Themes Installation Page 

Select Upload and install the file (for example,  file second. 

Install The Child Theme

Activate it.

Activate the Child Theme



The One Click Website Installation uses 2 Plugins, the One Click Import Plugin and the Elementor Page Builder. After you activate the theme, you will see the requirement and the link to start installing the plugins.

Install the Required Plugins

Install the required plugins. The order doesn’t matter but if you install the One Click Demo plugin first, you won’t have to refresh, click Appearance again, to see the import option.

Install each plugin

There is a quirk in the installation of the second (or subsequent plugins) that the installation failed. It doesn’t fail. The installation is fine.

ignore the failure message




Now, it is just One Click to install the complete website!

One Click - Install the Complete Elementor Website

Everything is completed with the import, the home page is set, the menu is put in place and all of the public domain images are imported.

The picture is from the Health Care One Click Elementor Website Import.

One Click Install Health Care Website

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